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Portable Extinguishers
At Crest Fire we carry a variety of commercial and residential portable fire extinguishers to meet all of your safety needs including:

ABC Dry Chemical
BC Dry Chemical
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Class K Wet Chemical
Pressurized Water
Purple K Dry Chemical
Class D Dry Chemical
Outside Cartidge Units

Crest fire has a full service recharge shop able to service most types of dry & wet chemical extinguishers. Crest Fire Extinguishers has the only bulk Carbon Dioxide (Co2) recharging facility in Victoria. We carry beverage grade Co2 and recharge Co2 extinguisher, beverage cylinders and paint ball cartridges.
Hydrostatic Testing
Crest Fire is a Transport Canada (TC) approved hydrostatic testing facility w/ a high pressure test jacket able to test up to 8000psi.
We test a variety of tanks and cylinders including:

Co2 cylinders
Medical oxygen cylinders
Welding tanks
Scuba Diving Cylinders
Life Raft Cylinders
SCBA breathing air tanks

Suppression Systems
Our trained technicians are certified to service and install all major manufactures systems for Restaurants Commercial Kitchens - Industrial Spray Booths - Marine - Clean Agent Systems - Special Hazard
Fire Alarm / Exit & Emergency Lighting Systems
A minimum 12 monthly inspection is required for fire alarm, exit & emergency light testing. Crest's trained staff w/ certified electrician are able to complete all testing, service, repair and alterations for your fire alarm systems.
Fire Safety Accessories
Our retail shop has an assorted stock of items relating to your safety needs: - Extinguisher Covers - Cabinets - Fire Hose - Labels/Stickers/Signs - Smoke Alarms - Escape Ladders - Batteries - Fire Hose Nozzles - Co2 Beverage Valves - Extinguisher parts and fittings
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